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Welcome to feederguppies.com!

This site is dedicated to promoting the tragically misunderstood feeder guppy as a suitable aquarium fish. If you are interested in keeping wild-type (common) guppies, feeder guppies are a great option. They are hardy, beautiful, diverse fish that add great color and energy to any fish tank.

Feeder Guppies: Not Just Meat!

Oscars, piranhas, and other predator fish feed on hundreds, probably thousands, of feeder guppies every day across the United States. But feeder guppies are good for more than meat for the slaughter. They might not look like much in the crowded, diseased feeder tanks at your local pet store, but if you take them home and nurse them to health they will undergo a transformation. When taken care of and properly fed, feeder guppies are vibrant, attractive fish. They are energetic and make very good aquarium fish for a species tank or community tank.

What Good are Feeder Guppies?

Many breeders of fancy guppies have used feeder guppies or wild guppies as outcrosses to their guppy lines. Other adventurous people have attempted or thought about using feeder guppies as the basis for creating new guppy strains. Some people appreciate the beauty of common, wild-type guppies. Feeder guppies are a great source of wild-type guppies. Unlike wild-collected guppies, feeders are cheap and environmentally responsible since they are not collected from wild populations.